Bob is genius of a teacher. He has many years of teaching, playing and making music and, is a true multi-instrumentalist. The area in which Bob stands out the best is in his ability to assess a student's requirements and ability and, tailor a program to suit the student - there is no standard syllabus. He is also a no BS teacher hence he is best when you are serious about what you want to learn.


My 9 year old son Aaron was trying to learn the guitar on you tube when we discovered he had an interest. Fortunately we found Bob. Bob has helped Aaron turn his interest into a passion for learning the guitar. Aaron has learnt so much in such a short period of time.
Bob's style of teaching is amazing and he has given Aaron so much confidence in playing the guitar. I can speak very highly of Bob's well structured and fun filled teaching regime.
I would highly recommend Bob for anybody wishing to learn an instrument from beginner to more experienced.



I'm 54 and have always regretted not making the effort to learn guitar . I saw a post by Bob advertising lessons and i guess the timing was right it flicked a switch and i made the effort .im so glad i did and so grateful for Bob, his patience ,encouragement and teaching method. 6 lessons and im playing for chords, albeit badly but im doing it and loving it thank you very much Bob you are a genius .



Where do I even begin, I hit the jackpot when I found Bob as my guitar teacher. I walked in thinking I knew how to play 3 chords and Bob saw right through my bad habits. Bob is a sensational teacher who personalises his lessons to suit the person, making every lesson fun and educating you as to why you need to do the practise, he doesn't just teach you songs you want to play, he takes it back and teaches you the fundamentals needed to play guitar. I walk out of every lesson inspired to learn more. Bob is one of the rare teachers who is actually all about helping you succeed in learning to play your instrument. Bob even went and tried out my new guitar before I purchased it, making sure I was getting the right guitar for my needs. I would recommend Bob to everyone as he is a sensational teacher!



A fanstastic teacher, Bob Meridith has taught my oldest son how to play the guitar and also teaches my other son the Saxophone. Throughout the years I have seen my children advance from beginners to decent musicians, all thanks to Eaten by Snakes Education! More namely Bob Meridith! An amazing teacher you are Bob. Thank you for your efforts!


I have been taking lessons with Bob for nearly a year now. As an older student (>50), I find Bob adapts his teaching style to extract the most he can from me. He coaches and teaches and pushes and challenges. In my opinion, he uses very sound teaching methods and ensures the building blocks are in place to create a solid foundation to move to the next level.

As a pro muso, he brings a lot of practical experience to the sessions. I enjoy learning some of the "real world" knowledge he shares that has been gleaned from years of band experience.

Highly recommend EBS if you want to get some serious music skills and knowledge.



After having a decent amount of skills, but no real direction; I decided that this year I would finally get some guitar lessons. After starting and stopping a couple of times in the past, I definitely have not regretted getting lessons with Bob.

I have used different guitar teaching methods and computer programs to learn guitar, but nothing beats the one-on-one time that a teacher such as Bob can offer you. I also appreciate the time Bob takes to explain the different aspects of music. Teaching a student in a well-rounded manner, rather than teaching how to hammer out some nuanced part of a complex guitar track makes better sense. I want to learn how to play guitar so I can play songs, not just learn technical skills.

Bob tailors lessons to specific needs, he sets realistic goals each week for practice which are achievable. This is also important for someone that works full-time as a teacher.

If you have never seen a guitar before or have some faculty with the instrument, I would definitely recommend getting lessons with Bob. The only thing you will regret is that you didn't do it sooner.



Arunan Skanthan — 

5 star

Bob is a no–nonsense teacher who is keen to give you a solid foundation. Definitely recommend him as a Guitar teacher. (He also does a heap of other instruments including but not limited to the Mandolin, Ukulele and Saxophone)—I've learnt a lot more in the last few weeks than I have in the few years I taught myself.



Peter Stack 

I had a lesson with Bob one day six years ago. I can honestly say he changed my life musically, I am doing gigs overseas, good or bad I am not sure but I am having a great time. It was about my attitude Thanks


Sarah Ditton --
5 star
Bob is very intuitive to my daughters needs (and moods). His lessons are fun and flexible, yet tough when 
they need to be. I am amazed at my daughters progress in a relatively short time.
Blake Crowfoot —
5 star

Highly recommend, I tried learning guitar by myself for years but lost interest very quickly, came to Bob and around 6 months 
later I am able to play many chords as well as many songs which I never thought possible.

Robyn Demasi —

5 star

 Highly recommended. My husband and I have 2 sons going to lessons.

 One aged 10 is learning bass guitar and the other aged 11 is learning alto Sax.

 We have found Bob to be extremely professional and takes the time to understand the different

 stages of knowledge and skill the boys have. The boys have attended 4 lessons and have progressed well,

 enjoyed their lessons and are enthusiastic.

As parents, we are also comfortable that Bob has a current working with children check verification.


Yvonne Iskandar —
    5 star
    Bob is one of the best guitar teachers my son has had

Mark Leon —
    5 star
    Hi there, I'm a 51 year young fella who has never played an instrument in his life. I bought a Mandolin for 
   my 50th birthday and tried to teach myself to play it - I didn't last long, got bored and didn't touch it for 
   about a year. I found Bob on Gumtree, he just happens to have started giving classes in my area and 
  he is fantastic! a very patient, calm and happy bloke who shares his guitar and mandolin knowledge 
 effortlessly. Finally I can play some cords and play to music, and my family can hear me getting better 
  all the time. I am very thankful to have found Bob and would definitely recommend him to anyone 
  wishing to learn Guitar, Mando, Uke and a few more. Cheers Mark

Karen Thorne —

 5 star

 Highly recommended, down to earth, and very helpful teaching. Bob has given my son the much needed confidence

 and due to this he has started to enjoy his guitar.


Ben Kirkman

5 star

I have no musical talent what so ever, but Bob has individualised his program's to suit my needs. After a short period of time, I have learnt lots of chords and can play a variety of songs. Bob is patient,
knowledgeable le and has been a fantastic guitar teacher.

Highly recommend!


Benjamin Green —
    5 star